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Minimal media

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Form examples

Hello there...

The plugins that are used in this widget are almost all custom made for this theme, you can find more about these plugins on de form page, just click on the link at te bottom of the widget.
This is a field helper text line...
This part is a custom build plugin called 'echainedinputs'.
Maxlength = 6
Maxlength = 8
Maxlength = 3
More forms elements can be found here.

Ajax with refresh

Custom made icons

10px plix icon set
16px plix icon set
32px plix icon set
More icons can be found here.

Welcome to the Elite Admin tour

Welcome to this short tour, we will show you some features and a couple of cool things. So click on the next button...

Yes this tour is a premium plugin on CodeCanyon but it's included for free in the Elite admin theme.

Power Widgets (premium plugin)

A main feature of this theme are the widgets(also a premium plugin from CodeCanyon, included fot free) which has some cool options like: localstorage saving, AJAX, custamizable buttons and much more.

Powerfull menu

A static or dynamic menu, with submenu and indicators. Easy to use!

Static blocks

If you dont want to use the Power Widgets plugin you can choose to use basic static e-blocks.

Custom icons included

This theme contains more than 100 custom made icons, in different colors and sizes.

Styled form elements

We have build a couple of plugins that will style all form elements, form a file input to a select box.

The end of this tour

As we said, this is a short tour showing some features. It's now up to you to explore this powerfull theme....enjoy!!!