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Custom plugins

The Elite theme has more then 20 custom build jQuery plugins, from widgets to form styling. These plugins have a variety of user settings and are easy to use. All plugins are well documented. Some of the plugin will be updated to add more options to it. The plugins come in minifyed and full versions.

Responsive design

From desktop to tablet, from tablet to mobile device, the elite theme is ready. This theme has a smart layout, this means that it will try to set the best layout if you scale down the window or use a mobile device. You also can use the grid layout & minimize menu buttons to set the right layout


You can choose between themes to style your admin panel, this way you can use the color that you like rather that you are force to choose between a dark or light theme(these are included). Styling files are seperated css files, this way you can change the theme faster.

jQuery powerd

The Elite theme is powerd by the world famous JavaScript library jQuery and the jQuery UI library. This will give the users of this theme a great user experince. We will try to update the jQuery cores as much as possible.

Great User Uxperince (UX)

We started this theme with a couple of main features, one of them was that users should have a great 'User Uxperince' while using this theme. We think we have nailed it.

Clean Commented Code

We have included as much commented code, this way you can see whats what and even learn a thing or two. Our custom plugins have a lot of comments in it(minifyed versions not). We have tried to use not to many code, this way the code will be clean and easy to understand.

Custom icons

We have designed our own custom made icon set, this way you dont have to worry about the license. The icon set (we call it plix) have a simple pixelish look and come in the matching colors of the themes. The sets come in 3 sizes, 10px, 16px and 32px all in sprite and png.

Custom CSS (mini) framework

We have build or own (mini) CSS framework for this theme, to create a faster workflow. Notice as this is a template so you dont have to worry that it's build on top of this framework. We have used it as a helper, this way if you want to change stuff, you can do it faster.

Power widgets

One of the main features of this theme are the power widgets, they are an important part of the design, as almost all content is wrapped in a widget. The widgets are sortable, collapsable and can be set to hidden. The widgets can also be managed by the widgets panel(option).


The Elite theme is build with HTML5 & CSS3, to give you a better user experince. Not all browsers fully support HTML5 & CSS3(mostly Internet Explore), so we have used a couple of fallbacks, to make sure that users that are using a non supported browser that they still can use the theme

Styled form elements

To match all elements in this theme we have styled the form elements by using some of our custom build plugins. Checkbox/radio inputs, select(included multiple) and even the type input are styled. The layerd PSD files are included if you want to change the checkbox/radio inputs images.

Build with Grid

This theme is mostly build on a grid(content, not the frame it self) to let you work in a more consistent manner, it also gives you change to build something very quick without creating new css rules. The grid is easy to use and is a part of our custom made mini css framework. The grid goes up to 9 colmuns.

Layerd PSD files

This theme doesn't have a lot of graphics, because it's allmoste all code, but for the couple of graphics that we have used(icons, form elements and menu) we included the layerd PSD file in the pack. If you want the layout PSD file, well sorry but there is none, as it's a graphic free design.

File structure

As this is a big template we used a good file structure, as our experince leanred us, is that it's always hard to find things, so to make this easier we have seperated the file(categorized). A template should be fun to work with.


Where lost without good documentations, so we have included most of our documents in the theme it self, this way you can see what a plugin does, what i can and what it cant do. We have included more documentations in the theme it self.

Pixel perfection

The design of this theme has a pixel perfection touch to it, so no strange gapes between elements or sections. A template should not only work good but it should look good to.

HTML5 local storage

One of the cool feature of this theme is the new HTML5 local storage, this is a very powefull way to easily store data in your browser. So we dont have to store this in a cookie or write it to a database.

Custom error pages

We have include the 400, 401, 403, 404, 500 and 503 error pages in this theme, and yes they come in the theme colors to.

Powerfull WYSIWYG editors

We have include 2 powerfull WYSIWYG editors, one is a pretty big one with lots of options, and the other one is more a basic editor, which is build with HTML5. The HTML5 editor is more a frame with no styling, not sure if we are going to style te editor at this moment.

Multiple login forms

We have included multiple logins forms to let you chosse the one that you want to use. Not everybody needs just one basic login form, they might need a signup or a social login form, so we included these. We do have plans to include some more logins forms.

Live search

We have build a pretty cool jQuery plugin especially for this theme that allows you to live search a simple database(sql file included), this means that the results will be showen directly without refreshing the page, but the plugin alows you to change this if you want to use a submit button.

Different menus

We have build a couple of menus for this theme, the main menu, which you can use as a dynamic or static menu, with submenus, a cool dropdown menu with some cool user settings, and a basic pure CSS menu.

Tableless design

The Elite theme is a tableless design, this means that the main structure is table free. But if you need to display a lot of data you should use tables for this, so we included some table examples.

Valid code

This theme is W3C valid both HTML & CSS(excluded form 2 meta http-equiv tags and css browser prefixes).

Google maps

Want to look up an address, or use the geo location, or show where your business is located, well you can with the google maps plugin.

Cool file explore

We have included a jQuery powerd file explore, which allows you to go true your files.

Attractive javascript charts

We have used the well knowen javascript charts library called 'flot' for our theme, this allows you to show statistics in a nice way. You can choose between a couple of types of charts.

Cross browser support

This theme works in all modern browsers, from windows to OSX. On tablets and phones.