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Powerfull AJAX search plugin, which allows you to search a database. You can use it with minimal settings or use up to 10 extra search parameters. This theme has 2 search fields, one located on every page at the left top, and one on the search page.


Easy to use custom live search plugin.

How to use

How to use HTML elements.

<form id="searchid">
	<input type="text" autocomplete="off" placeholder="Live search..."/>

Usage plugin

How to use our custom made jQuery plugins.

    file: 'pathtothesearchtemplate.php',
    target: '#search-results',
    maxResults: 5,
    order: 'random',
    live: true,
    minChar: 3,
    liveDelay: 1000,
    effect: 'slide',
    speed: 400,
    closeClass: 'close-search',
    param1: '',
    param2: '',
    param3: '',
    param4: '',
    param5: '',
    param6: '',
    param7: '',
    param8: '',
    param9: '',
    param10: '',
    afterLoad: function(){ }

Plugin options

Most of our custom made jQuery plugins have options/settings.

Plugin options Type Default Desctription Since
file string The path to the search template file. You can leave this empty and it will use the action attribute in the form it self(if present). 1.0
target string The target area where the results will be showen. 1.0
maxResults number(integer) 5 The max number of returned results. 1.0
order string random The order of the returned results. You can use 'random', 'asc' and 'desc'. 1.0
live boolean true You can choose between live search of by using the submit button. 1.0
minChar number(integer) 5 Set a minimum number of characters when to show the found results. 1.0
liveDelay number(integer) 1000 This delay is to prevent the animation on every keyup. This works only if the live option is set to true. 1.0
effect string slide Type of effect to show the results. You can choose between 'slide' and 'fade'. 1.0
speed number(integer) 400 The speed of the effect. 1.0
closeClass string You can use a close class to close the found results placeholder. 1.0
param1 string You can use up to 10 extra parameters to use in your search template. This must be input(text) or elements that have a selected attribute(select, checkbox, radio). Notice that checkbox and radio buttons should be wrapped before you can use theme. 1.0
afterLoad function function(){} Callback function that runs when the results has returned. 1.0

Globally And Per-Call Overridable Options

This plugin has per-call(as the example above shows) and globally overridable options. Globally options can be used to override the default options, this is best used if you want to override the plugin options by default, this will prevent any issues with the plugin, as you dont have to change any thing in the plugin core it self. How to use: $.fn.pluginName.key = 'value';